andrew : scary emails from gods again

dear residents of liartown,

soon your pathetic blog will be mine


let me explain; being the god of death for a practically dead religion was getting boring so i have reinvented myself as the internet god of death. i take dead sites and blogs then eat them up, they are then judged and reincarnated or sent to hell or heaven according to thier merits.

your lack of posting has alerted me to your blogs state of near death. just thought i would give you a friendly warning, im new at this and any feedback would be appreciated.

your soon to be overlord,
mictlantecuhtli: old aztec god of death, new internet god of death

p.s. sacrifices welcome, opening month offer: a free obsidion knife and altar with which to butcher your noisy neihgbours, email me and i'll have one sent out.

scary stuff people, scary stuff. seems even gods need to fill a niche to get market share these days.

hope my knife and altar get here soon :)


Blogger AkaiChou 2:13 pm, July 04, 2006  
How do you pronounce that name??

I was never good with Aztec names.
Like Quetzacotl.
(I don't think I spelt that right...)
Blogger andrew 11:10 pm, July 04, 2006  
ah my good friend quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, he was always my favourite aztec god, all turquoise and feathery and snakey

the pronounciation is
mihk - tlan - tek - huht- lee
or that is my guess, i was never an expert on aztecs i just love mythology in general.

literally lord of mictlan, which is the lowest level of the underworld in aztec mythology

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