andrew : amor vincit omnia

as the title states so eloquently in italian "love conquers all". its true that when chaucer penned these immortal words, he was making a statement about the power of love.

now the question begs, how do we read this statement? unlike most three word statements, i can see more than one meaning presenting itself.

does it suggest that love is an unstoppable force, that nothing can stand in the way of two people who are in love? that love will find a way, for no obstacle is too great for true love to prevail? knowing that someone loves you and cares about you more than they care about themselves can give you a feeling of immortality. does it suggest that love will always win out, people ultimately finding themselves joyful and loved?

or does it suggest a darker truth? that we are all slaves to love, destined to be defeated, conquered, if you will, be this unstoppable force? whether it is trying to live up to an idea of love that doesn't exist or staring across a room at a person you care for, knowing your feelings will never be returned; i think most of us have been subjugated by love.

now i pose another question, how do you, reader of this somewhat odd and self indulgent article, interpret this relatively simple statement? it could say alot about you, the way you think, the way you in fact, love.

so, dear reader, what are your thoughts on this matter. for memories and feelings are the tapestries that cover the unyielding walls of our subconscious; tell me the hue of your favoured thread and i will in turn tell you the cast of your soul.


Anonymous Anonymous 9:35 pm, May 23, 2006  
to quote another great artiste: "my penis is a terrorist of love"
Blogger andrew 3:00 pm, May 24, 2006  
ive never heard that one, thank you anonymous stranger, for expanding my library of quotes

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