andrew : free diesel

only one email for me this week

dear white trash
we have been informed that you have a camper van parked on your front lawn. please remove it or we will arrest you under the anti terrorism act

thank you for your consideration
knox city council

well kcc you guys certainly know how to abuse the public's trust dont you?
i was gonna write a big long post about how there are old people camped out on my lawn but i wont now, just to spite you. i think i will just concentrate on the fact that i got a tank full of diesel payed for by someone else.

you don't need to know the specifics, suffice to say you should be happy for me. if your not...well i cant do anything about that; you are a bad person and i cant be held responsible if the cosmos deals you some bad karma.

on a side note, i had a free donut today. donuts are usually delicious, they taste less delicious if your hands, and by extension your donut are covered in smelly, bad tasting and highly flammable diesel. In hind sight i should have just set the donut on fire despite the risk of also setting fire to my precious hands. i think it would have been worth it...because now i have a tummy ache.


Anonymous Daniel 5:05 pm, May 11, 2006  
swallow the match. that oughta fix it.

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