Jack : Greetings Bloggers and Bloggees

It is I, Raymond G. Elucidite, famed CTO of Polanski & Polanski Incorporated.

I have come to you on Jack's behalf to talk about an issue that I care about very deeply: Your funeral.

You see, at Polanski & Polanski Incorporated (I like to shorten it to P&P Inc. teehee) we think it's very important that you spend some time now to plan ahead for your future or lack thereof. If you don't think about your funeral now, then someone else will have to think about it later on.

But Raymond, I hear you whimper, why should I do work now that someone else will do for me later on?

Well, let me tell you the story of my grandfather, Moses Ignatious Polanski, who attempted to cross the great Andes mountain range on nothing more than two donkeys. He died of food poisoning on his very first week in South America and as a result, left the family with a great financial burden. For you see, Moses had many friends and he'd always boasted to these friends that he would have the most grandest funeral ever with elephants and fire juggling.

So naturally our family left him to rot in the halls of some third world South American cafeteria-cum-mass_grave opted to not publish an obituary.

My uncle, so ashamed of our family's penny-pinching and general laziness in flying all the way to identify and claim the body, started P&P Inc. as a way to atone for our sins.

Tune in next week for part 2 of guest blogging by Raymond G. Elucidite and the end of his oh-so-useless life (and lack thereof) lessons about funeral planning!