Jack : more funeral planning!

It is I again, Raymond G. Elucidite. If you missed the first half of my two part series on funeral planning, you can read it here.

As I was saying, my Uncle was the founder of Polanski & Polanski Incorporated. He was a hard-working fellow and he quickly built a funeral business empire around the idea of wearing really black suits and generally being a bit of a downer.

Together, our family has worked for over 50 years on this business and we are darn proud of it. Our motto is, "Even though they're dead; they're worth something."

...oh sorry, my fly is undone. ...theeeere we go.

Anyway, young people! It is important you set up a funeral plan now. Because through all of human history, the death rate has been at a solid triple digit percentage. Even with all the advances in modern medicine/religion, the death rate has not dropped.

I know what you're thinking! You're thinking, gee, this joke is really tired now and I'm going to stop reading :( But wait! I'm almost finished! I just want to leave you with five simple words.

You are going to die.

Thank you to Jack for this amazing opportunity to reach the young people and thank you for your attention during this tired joke.