Jack : It crushes my soul

Hey Jackles,

I need some advice on how to breakup with my girlfriend. We've been going out for about two months and I was wondering what I should do to let her down easy.

bored of her
Dear BOH,

Are you seriously thinking about getting rid of this girl? Have you got another girl lined up? If not, I really think you should hang on to this one.

What about your friends that are in long-term, rewarding relationships? How are you going to hang out with them if you aren't part of a couple? What about relatives? Won't they be bugging you about your love life all the time? And what about the loneliness of sleeping in a big empty bed for two? Wouldn't that be really depressing?

So my advice is to find another girl. Then dump this one. That way you will never be alone and your friends can't pass judgement on you.


Blogger andrew 6:17 pm, December 27, 2006  
your lucky noone reads this or they might think you were making thinly veiled references to real people ROFL

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