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Flipping around the intarblag this week, I stumbled upon a customer review of Walmart that someone had written. She had eaten a 68-cent candybar off the shelf and as she left the store, she was stopped by security and banned from Walmart for one year.

And she wants to tell the world about how "selfish and stingy" Walmart is.

Look, I'm not some crazy Walmart lover. But seriously?

You want to know why they banned you for a year? It's because there are shoplifters like you in all of its stores. People stealing nuts, grapes, cans of food, pop tarts, basketballs and television screens. They are all shoplifters and it's costing a pretty penny to hire all these security guys. 68 cents doesn't matter a whole lot to a bigass company but 68 cents times however many poor-people-cum-anarchists starts to add up.

You are the selfish one for trying to steal and arguing that it's right. If you had offered to pay for the candybar on your way out of the store, you might have a legitimate complaint. But all you did was prioritise your stomach above the law and fuck with the livelihood of however many thousands of people Walmart employs.

You want to take down a giant megacorp like Walmart because you think they're too rich? Fine, I support you. Start something political. Or open your own competing grocery store where people can eat all the candy off the shelves and leave. Go on a diet and stop eating so much candy. Whatever.

But don't steal and sell it like you're some kind of suburban martyr.


Anonymous Nathan 7:50 am, November 14, 2006  
Pfft. Blogotubes > interblag.

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