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Another sweaty reader writes in:
Dear J-Man,

When is the best time to wash the dishes?

Well, that's really more of a philosophical question.

Do you see dishwashing as a necessary evil? A calming meditation? A fact of life? An awful punishment? The intervening time in which dishes are of no use to you?

I think dishwashing should be done as late as possible but no later. Do them before you go to bed or before you start cooking the next meal (whichever comes first). Don't do them while people are still eating. Don't do them in-between cooking/serving courses (unless you need the dishes).

Am I wrong?


Blogger Lachlan 7:00 pm, October 02, 2006  
I like to do the dishes after i've cooked but before i eat. The temperature loss is worth it since I don't have to worry about doing the dishes after i've eaten
Blogger andrew 12:57 am, October 07, 2006  
i used to be sa professional in this field..i can tell you teh best time to wash didhes is when someone starts yelling at you

otherwise you can really put it off indefinatley

rinsing them is fine, chefs are to busy to check how clean a plate is and by the time it gets to teh patron its full of food nd hey wont be able to tell

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