Lachlan : Skatanic

dear lachlan of liartown,

is ska dead? someone told me that ska was dead.

- penniless punk-rocker
ahhh ppr's of the world, when will you learn. like you, i remember a time when ska "rocked" as it were, but those times are long gone; all that is left is watered down, skank-tastic punk rock, with maybe some crappy trumpet or trombone thrown in for good measure.

but why, you ask? why would ska die? surely, the foundations of the ska of old were un-breakable. do you remember the movie 'un-breakable' with bruce willis and samuel l. jackson? well its like that: ska is bruce willis, and at the start he was normal, then he discovered that he had super powers, and all was well, and... i guess.. selling out would be the black crippled guy in the wheelchair? ok so that's a shit metaphor, but you get what i'm trying to say.

well, maybe you don't, but i'm pretty sure my point had something to do with the artists being sick and tired of being poor. thats right, they 'sold out', or at least attempted to. remember "less than jake"? their whole motto was to not sell out - and we all loved them for it - but look at them now, dancing around up there with their sum41-esque guitar and their almost non-existant brass section. it's a disgrace.

so yes, ppr, ska is dead and its never coming back. but you know what? i seriously don't give a fuck, because it wasn't really that musical in the first place. maybe a few ska bands selling out is what is needed to put you young whipper-snappers in your place; to make you realise - hey, wow, more than 4 people in the entire world actually like my band now, maybe their music could possibly be better than before.

i know it hurts, but just accept that ska is dead, and move on to new areas of music, like the never ending goodness of fantasy-metal. blind guardian 4evers y'all! xoxoxoxo