Lachlan : blood lust

dear liartown,

there is this girl in my class who i think is really hot but she looks kinda like a vampire - should i ask her out?

- curious, attracted yet scared as hell
caysah is too long an acronym, so i wont use it. now, normally, i would never answer a romance related question, but i think vampires are hawt.

however, be warned! activities involving vampires are always risky business - and i don't mean "dancing around in your underpants with sunglasses on" risky business, i mean the type of risky business where you wake up in the morning in a pool of blood with a significant stabbing pain in one of your corrotted arteries.

that having been said, i think that if this girl is reeeally hot, then you should just go for it; what better way to show up your friends than by rocking up to one of their parties with a hot female vampire controlled only by her unconditional love and/or lust for you? just make sure you heed the following advice:
  • never go to sleep. ever. or she will kill you.
  • think about investing in some sort of cage, dungeon, or similar.
  • if you want your romance to succeed, garlic, silver and open wounds are big nonos.
  • always use a condom. vampires are often associated with the undead, so u really have no idea where she's been.


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